Kids Rule - tutorials on different art topics - animation, appreciation, drawing, ceramics, etc.
Color in Motion
Learning How to Draw Illustrated lesson notes for teachers
Learn to Draw with Billy Bear - A Project 4 Kids
Follow along with the step by step Drawing Lessons.
Mark Kistler's Imagination Station! - 3-D Drawing Lessons!
Wow! So many drawing lessons here!
Rain-forest Drawing Lessons. - Learn to draw insects, foilage, primates and flowers of the rainforest! Put the parts together and create a mural!
The Draw Squad - 3 online drawing lessons
Drawing a Simple Still Life - Learn to draw and shade a pear
Art Studio Chalkboard These pages are a resource for artists and art students that focus on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting.
Draw (a resource for art students aged 16+)
Creating Tessellations
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Design and Paint your own Hex Sign

Drawing in One-Point Perspective - Awesome step-by-step instructions for basic one-point are presented on this site by Harold Olejarz

Perspective Drawing
Kidz Draw - A site for young artists
Learn to Draw online
Learn to draw - cartoon characters step-by-step
Paint On-Line - The best painting program on the net
Teach Animation - comprehensive site for teaching animation
How to Draw Anime - Julie Dillon's tutorials on how to draw Japanese-style comics.
Clay Animation Made Easy
Clay Animation How to use clay to create animated movies
Character Model Sheets
Animation Lessons
Anime Tutorials
Animation Tutorial
Amazing Animation Lessons on the Web
Caricature Zone - Learn about and make online Caricatures.

Animation and Video lessons


Inkle weaving

Basketry, quilting & weaving
Tunnel Books
Concertina Book Instructions
Folded Book
Single-Signature Pamphlet
Paper Bag Book
Artistic Books - directions for accordion, flag, flutter, japanese stab binding, pop-up, tunnel, paste paper and screen printing!
Venetian Blind Book
Stapleless Book
Polyshrink Spiral Book
Joseph Wu's Origami - learn the art of paperfolding on this site
Kirigami The art of paper cutting. Draw a polygon on the paper wedge and see the resulting unfolded figure. Layer several figures together.
Origami Detailed instructions on how to build an origami "rabbit"
How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs - This site will tell you everything you need to know about the basics of making pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)
Folding and Unfolding Cubes
Folded Paper Star Ornament
Clay & Sculpture
How to construct a coil pot - a beginner's guide to the art of ceramics
part 2
How to Construct a coil pot
Make a Clay Whistle
How to Make a Clay Whistle
Create a coil pot
How to make a fire pit
Throw a virtual pot!
Create a "jug" face
Ceramics and Pottery
Create a slab self-portrait
Throwing on the Wheel - Pottery Tutorial
Making and Attaching Handles
Gargoyles - questions and answers from a stonecarver/gargoyle sculptor. Many links to gargoyle sites
Whirlygigs - how to make things move!.
Plaster Gauze Mask

Sculpture - Explanation of the medium

Photo Composition
Photography Tutorials
Basic Photography Tutorials
Making Pinhole Cameras
Pinhole Cameras
How to create Photo Essays
Library of Photography
American Photography - A century of Images

Masters of Photography

National Geographic Photography