Did you ever wish that there was some sort of magic inside the computer? That some genie that would just make things simple? Well, no magic, but lots of tools that will make YOUR teaching easier! Just follow the links below to make it happen.

Fun Stuff! Projects

Pinwheels for Peace Join us on International Day of Peace by sending a message of "whirled peace"
Art Junction - Craig Roland's collaborative art space for teachers and students
Empty Bowls - ending hunger thru art
HypArt Project - create a single picture together with other people from all around the world
Gridcosm is a collaborative art project in which artists from around the world contribute images to a compounding series of graphical squares.
The Box Project -Transformational Community Art that Touches, Moves and Inspires
Ideas! Places to get lesson plans, "talk" to other Art teachers, etc.
Arts Ed Net Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas, Image Galleries & Exhibitions
Incredible Art Department - the WOW of Art Education sites!! Lesson Plans, ideas, links - just about everything!
Teach Art Try these complete lesson plans, tied to the National Visual Arts Standards. Complete with background information and downloadable visual resources.
The Virtual Art Room Resources to help teachers imbed digital media into teaching and learning
National Gallery of Art Teacher Exchange
Teacher Exchange & Interdisciplinary Curriculum Ideas from Alumni of the National Gallery of Art Teacher Institute
Photography and Art - In-depth photography lesson plans form Kodak
An extensive resource for parents and teachers.

Art lessons submitted by teachers

Art Source
A gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture.
Art Lesson Plans
PBS Lesson Plans
GEM: Gateway to Educational Materials
Scribbles Art Projects
Geometry through Art
Lessons, materials, and K-6 study guides to help kids learn about geometry and art.
Tools - Things that make your life easier, like dictionaries, art terms, quotes, etc.
Art Lex Art Dictionary
You will find definitions for more than 3,300 terms used in discussing visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references
Glossary of Instructional Strategies
Artsonia the largest art museum in the world!
Artist Index - Find Artists and images from this easy to use index.
Lowenfeld's Stages of Art Development
This to that - what glue/adhesives to use for different materials!
Animation History
Free Images for Teaching
Modern sculpture - a source for contemporary art.
Artcyclopedia - artists and their work!
Market your art with an online portfolio!
Sculpture - Explanation of the medium
Quotes - Artist Quotes
Artist Quotes
Artist Signatures
Quotes about Art
More Quotes about Art
Artist Birthdays
Famous artist - Artist Index
Master Artist - Links to artists

Biographies of famous artists - This list covers 75 of the most famous painters and sculptors

Color Sites
Color Theory - Online Activities
Color Matters - a site dealing with color theory
Mix and Match Colors online
Color in Motion
Free Try-out Software!!!

Art and Web Software

Adobe (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.)

eZedia (multimedia authoring software)

ToonBoom Studio (animation software)

SoftChalk (for making webpages)

Excelsior Gradebook2
Easy Grade Pro
My Gradebook (30 day free trial)

Database Software
Filemaker Pro

For Palm Pilots
Drawing programs
Teal Paint

To learn how to use the software
Atomic Learning

Classroom Aides - Puzzlemakers, Worksheets, Curriculum, etc.
Art Curriculum Planning Toolkit - Lesson Planning Program that allows you to store your lesson plans
Class Critique Guidelines - Art Critique sheet, art rubrics and Instructions for a successful class critique
Puzzlemaker - a puzzle generation tool for teachers and students
Box Templates
Optical Illusions - 12 different optical illusions
Pic Search - a quick and easy way to search for images on the Internet
Create Art Anagrams
Worksheet Generator
QuizMaker - Create simple quiz with questions and options or Create a multiple choice quiz
AwardMaker - Make your own awards and print them out
Filamentality - Build Web Activities and Resources
Glossary Maker - Generate a "miniature dictionary"
Rubric Builder
Rubristar - Create Rubrics for your Project-Based Learning Activities
Response-O-Matic - Free Form Processor
Educational Worksheets - An easy way to generate worksheets for your classes
QuizLab - Generate Online Quizes Plus, an online gradebook (30 day trial)
Concentration Game Generator
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game, Jeopardy for the Classroom, Hollywood Squares, Weakest Link - Download these powerpoint presentations to use with your classes!
Quiz Maker by Hot Potatoes - Download quizmaking software
Game-O-Matic - A suite of wizards that create web-based activities, including Concentration and Vocabulary Drill
Graphic Organizers
Hangman Worksheet
Kaleidocycle Pattern
Self Portrait Collage exercise
Sketchbook journals
Marvin Bartel's Composition & Design
Lesson Plan Generator
Student Art Sites - Art Sites to use with students!
Student Art Competitions/Contests
Display your student's work online
Yahooligans Art exhibit listing
AccessArt Visual Arts Online Workshops:
AP Studio Art:
Art Education and Art Adventures from Sanford:


Going To A Museum? A Teacher's Guide
Marilyn's Imagination Factory - the art of recycling
Scholastic Art Awards
Spiral Art Education

The National Gallery of Art - 120 free-loan education resources.

Web Pages & WebQuests

Teacherweb - Create your own webpages & webquests!


High School Art WebQuests
Middle School Art WebQuests
Grades 3-5 Arts WebQuests
Adult Arts WebQuests
How to create a WebQuest

Aboriginal Studies WebQuest