The Art Room
The @rt room is designed around the idea of "activity" centers that encourage kids to create, to learn and to explore new ideas, places and things on their own.
•Art History Detective Game An art history game
•Eyes on Art - Totally Fascinating Art Site for kids!
•The Artist's Toolkit Visual Elements and Principles For students to learn about the elements and principles and actually create within the website!

•The Art of Crime detection Can you create composite portraits that help identify the culprit?

•Go West, Young Artist. Travel westward and meet six landscape artists to learn the basics of landscape composition.
The Land That Design Forgot.
Learn about industrial design while exploring new designs for familiar objects.
•Be an Architect! Design a house with Carmine! Learn about site, form, function, and materials as you draw the floor plan and elevation for your house. (Sixth grade and up)
•Color Theory vs. Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizers. The evil Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizer have set out to drain the color from fine art everywhere.
•Leonardo's Workshop. Examine Leonardo's art and inventions and discover the spirit of the Renaissance while solving this interactive mystery.
•Face to Face with Portraits from the Past.
•Arts Workshop The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Create a multimedia puppet show by writing the story, casting the characters, selecting the music, and choreographing the action—then publish it online for everyone to enjoy! Also explore sculpture and more. (Second grade to adult)
•Art Tales
Discover the world of wildlife art. Create a story, write a wildlife field guide, or curate a museum exhibit with the art works on the site. Add music and sound effects - then publish your createion on the website!
•Inside Art
An art history game for kids from Educational Web Adventures
•Study Art Elements and Principles of Art, Art Concepts, Media, Styles, and Artists - explained!
•A Brush with Wildlife
Introduce yourself to the animated principles of art, then create your own composition and submit it to the Critique Gallery for review!
Online Etch-a-Sketch
Interactive Mona Lisa
Mondrian Machine
Create a Mobile
Online Interactive Mobile
Clay Doodle
Graffiti Creator
Pixel Face
PaintBox - Online painting tools
RiverRun - RiverRun lets you change the shapes and colors of objects in the stream
Diamonds - Learn how artists use diamonds in art
Paper Toys (make all sorts of toys out of paper!)
Paper Toys (more!)
Collage Machine - create an online collage